Located in North Las Vegas,  Nevada, Cole Kepro International, LLC (CKI) is an industry leader and global supplier of designed and manufactured turnkey cabinets for the electronic gaming industry and secure lockers for several end user markets including amusement parks, law enforcement, athletic and recreational facilities and post offices.

Cole Kepro International, The Recognized Leader in Gaming Cabinets™, introduced its proprietary Fast Track® technology into many of its gaming cabinets in order to provide the customer with a quick and timely turnkey solution to meet their market and deployment requirements. With the incorporation of a CPU harness which is designed to easily interface with a game board or CPU to a pre-wired cabinet, Fast Track® provides a time-to-market solution for its customers and also provides greater flexibility for interchanging cabinets and game boards across the entire casino floor with other Fast Track® products.

Originally established as Cole Industries in 1993, the Company has grown from a small regional family-owned business into a global corporate enterprise with offices and facilities located in North Las Vegas with a sister facility in Taoyuan, Taiwan. By joining together with our strategic partner, Kepro International Co. Ltd (Taiwan) in 2009, the Company was renamed Cole Kepro International, signifying our global reach and geographical positioning to better serve our customers in the worldwide gaming industry.

In 2011, the majority position in CKI was acquired by The Anderson Group, of St. Petersburg, Florida. The Anderson Group is an operationally focused private equity firm committed to building value in middle market-niche manufacturing, distribution and service-based businesses. Under new executive management introduced by the Anderson Group, CKI has continued in its growth performance and realized new efficiency benchmark standards while continuing to provide quality products and recognized service and support to our customers. Cole Kepro International was honored to receive the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award for Operational Excellence.

In 2014, CKI decided to expand its product line to include additional metal fabricated products and acquired American Locker Group, a recognized and long standing banner name of quality and precision in the security locker and mailbox industry.

With over 100 dedicated employees, Cole Kepro International offers quality products to its customers with competitive pricing and reliable service and support.