2248-27 27″ LCD Floating screen upright gaming cabinet

WIDTH: 26"
WEIGHT: 270 lbs.

Standard Features

Fasttrack™ Cabinet and CPU Harnessing - Customizable Button Deck - RGB LED Accent Lighting - Back Lit Belly Glass Logo 3.1 stereo with woofer

Additional Options

LED Edge lit 27" LCD available Enhanced 3.1 Sound System, Bill Validators - Printers - CPU's - Player Tracking System Dashboard - Sound System - Custom AC/DC Power Distribution Assembly w/ 12 and 24 V DC- Custom Wiring Harnessing
Main Door Lock Size: 7/8"
Main Door Cam P/N: 6000-19-077-022
Bill Acceptor Door Lock Size: 6400-19-467-022
Fast Track™ CPU Flat Cover Lock Size: 5/8"
Fast Track™ CPU Flat Cover Cam P/N: 6600-18-633-022