January 2013

Cole Kepro International, LLC announces a major upgrade to its powder coat facility.


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Cole Kepro International, LLC announces a major upgrade to its powder coat facility.

North Las Vegas, NV – January 6, 2013  Cole Kepro International, LLC, a North Las Vegas designer, manufacture and marketer of high end slot machines announced the completion of it’s major upgrade to it’s existing powder coat facility.  The upgrades to the facility include the addition of a Hankison Coldwave refrigerated air dryer as well as two GEMA OptiFlex®2 vibratory box feeder powder coating spray gun systems.

Leticia “Letty” Ochoa, Vice President of Operations for Cole Kepro stated “this upgrade allows us more uptime, a more stable process and better repeatability lot to lot.  The new OptiFlex®2, is the world’s most advanced manual powder coating technology.  We decided to utilize manual powder coating to allow for rapid color changes while allowing for the complete coating of complex geometries with outstanding efficiency and quality.  Our customers demand a multitude of powder coating colors and chemistries. OptiFlex®2 manual powder coating system gives us the power and control needed to achieve the best looking finish with any powder coating.”

Oscar Romero-Soto, powder coat supervisor added “The Hankison air drier is in addition to our current compressor drying systems.  With this belt and suspenders approach, water vapor is eliminated from our powder coat process air.  Water vapor (humidity-moisture) enters the air system through the air compressor inlet air filter. The air compressor sucks in approximately 7 cubic feet of atmospheric air at 0 psi, and that volume of air is compressed into 1 cubic feet of air at 100 psi. The water vapor (humidity-moisture) that was in the 7 cubic feet of atmospheric air is now compressed into 1 cubic feet of compressed air. The end of the line air drier ensures the elimination of moisture regardless of the temperature or humidity guaranteeing the perfect application of powder to the right surface.”

For more information, contact Rick Durica, sales manager.