December 2014

Cole Kepro International, LLC acquires American Locker, LLC






December, 2014

North Las Vegas, NV – Cole Kepro International, LLC (“CKI”) fully acquired the assets of Dallas-based American Locker Group, Inc. in a transaction that supports CKI’s long-term growth plan of diversifying the industries it services, while leveraging its world class operational capabilities. American Locker has been renamed CKI Locker, dba American Locker as CKI continues to grow its portfolio of business verticals becoming a multi-industry platform for sheet metal solutions.

The acquisition of American Locker, now CKI Locker, provides CKI the opportunity to expand its product line and customer base by adding a widely recognized brand of secure storage locker systems to its suite of products. CKI Locker also provides mailbox solutions to an international customer base ensuring homes, students, and offices all have their delivery needs met. Manufacture and assembly of the CKI Locker products will be conducted in the Cole Kepro facilities located in North Las Vegas, Nevada while key and lock assembly operations will be conducted at the new company facilities located in Dallas, Texas.

About Cole Kepro International, LLC

Cole Kepro International, LLC is an industry leader and global supplier of fully engineered sheet metal solutions. Cole Kepro International offers turn-key results for partners requiring products as diverse as gaming cabinets, kiosks, safes, lockers, and mailboxes. Its commitment to customers ensures quality, service, and price are always the cornerstone of execution. Cole Kepro International, LLC is a partnership of Cole Industries, Inc. and Kepro International Company Ltd. of Taiwan.


About American Locker

American Locker is a leading manufacturer of secure storage, distribution and inventory management solutions. Established over 75 years ago, its proprietary offerings range from classic coin/token operated security lockers and employee/personal lockers to keyless and electronic controlled storage systems. These products provide the necessary storage capability to recreation, government, postal, and general corporate needs for day to day business operations.


Frederick A Cook, Jr., Chief Executive Officer

Cole Kepro International, LLC

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